It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

With a population of roughly 200 Million, Pakistan is one of the most culturally rich and socially diverse places in the world. Its breath-taking landscapes and centuries-old historical sites complement the deep rooted culture of hospitality and sharing that its people possess.

Below are some facts why Pakistan is a great destination for technology and software outsourcing. The list may surprise you, but it is one of the reasons why 10Pearls has been able to build great client successes, building world class products for the world’s largest enterprises and exciting emerging businesses, including start-ups.

  1. Pakistan is the 6th largest most populace country in the world: 195 million.
  2. Pakistan is also the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world (past British colony).
  3. Nearly two-thirds of Pakistan’s population is comprised of youth aged below 24 years.
  4. Karachi is the 7th largest city in the world, and is home to 24 million inhabitants. There is a strong emphasis on technology education and training amongst the youth.
  5. Pakistan was recently rated much higher in terms of IP laws compared to others.
  6. Pakistan, like much of the sub-continent, has strong work ethic and high productivity. 81% of Pakistanis believe that hard work pays off. More importantly, Pakistan’s labor pool is not saturated compared to other locations, and as a consequence, has relatively far lower employee attrition.
  7. Contrary to popular beliefs, Pakistan is NOT on the ITAR control (export controlled or embargoed) list of countries.
  8. Pakistan is business friendly, with favorable business law, tax incentives for certain services and businesses. The currency is relatively weak and provides strong labor arbitrage opportunities. Pakistan is Asia’s best performing stock market.
  9. Pakistan has major global brands and successful companies operating for many years. There are a number of technology outsourcing services businesses working with global brands. These include: 10Pearls, Systems Limited, Folio3, NetSol, TRG Pakistan, Ovex Tech, LMKR, and many others. Investors, such as Rocket Internet, are aggressively investing in Pakistani companies.
  10. Pakistan’s start-up scene is thriving. 2016 APICTA event saw Pakistan winning multiple awards There are a number of Start-Up Incubators funded by both private individuals and multinationals (like Google), creating a highly vibrant and innovative ecosystem.

As a former British colony, Pakistan is the third-largest English speaking country in the world. Nearly two-thirds of Pakistan’s population is under 24 years old, and the young generation is educated, driven, and eager to be a force for economic force and social good.

Unfortunately, the global community has a completely different image of Pakistan, one of a nation full of extremism and terrorism. This is mostly a result of a lack of information and a plethora of negative press. The reality is that bad news is contagious, and one can hardly blame the media for propagating sensational news to expand their readership. The positive news about Pakistan rarely makes headlines for reasons that are far too complicated to discuss here. We aspire to change that.

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