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Filmmaker Shehzad Hameed wins Outstanding Achievement Award at TIFF 2020

Pakistani filmmaker Shehzad Hameed, who released the trailer of his upcoming documentary on climate change earlier this year, has award-winning documentary films to his name. Last year, he bagged two awards at the New York Festival 2019 for The Rise and Fall of Mujib and Nepal’s Child Brides. The director now has another feather in his cap.

He recently won the Outstanding Achievement Award for his film, Enemy Within: Caught in the Crossfire that was filmed in Afghanistan, at the Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF) 2020. Hameed also won an award for part one of the documentary at Canada International Film Festival 2019 in the Documentary Feature category.

It was the fourth edition of the Tagore International Film Festival and the award ceremony was held in West Bengal, India. Shehzad Hameed has received a Winner laurel and certificate from the platform while his project has been added to the list published on their site.

Enemy Within: Caught in the Crossfire is a 48-minute documentary that features journalist(s) who document Afghanistan’s war ravaged history and highlight their sacrifices at the battle lines.

Source – The News