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Lahore aglore with exhibitions, cultural events

Lahore aglore with exhibitions, cultural events Pakistan Shining

LAHORE is historically and traditionally called the cultural capital of Pakistan. This is quite appropriate, so to say. No day hardly passes when no literary, cultural activity is not taking place or event being organized here. Literary festivals, paintings exhibitions, books festivals keep taking place quite frequently and regularly under auspices of cultural, literary bodies and educational institutions and these activities provide some ideas to the visitors as well as relief from their hectic daily routine engagements.
Paintings exhibitions continue to be organized even during the ongoing holy month of fasting, Ramzanul Mubarik. As a mark of sanctity and keeping in view the religious aspects, the paintings exhibition so being held during holy month of fasting have calligraphy as the main subject more than anything else. The artists display their art work depict Quranic verses on the canvasses in colours in as much versatility as possible and these greatly inspire the onlookers, no matter whether they are young and old, girls and boys.
Increasing number of art galleries provide the artists an opportunity to display their creative art in solo shows or group exhibition from time to time. More about the art galleries which continue to thrive in the provincial metropolis some other time, please.
Ustad Allah Bakhsh Art Gallery located within the elite Alhamra Arts Council premises and also known as Alhamra Art Centre was the venue of solo exhibition of art works of Turkish calligrapher, Ferhat Kurlu.
Turkish Consul General in Lahore Sardar Denis was the chief guest and inaugurated the solo calligraphy show, which was scheduled to continue rill June 16. On display were Ferhat Kurlu’s one dozen calligraphic paintings.
Provincial Information and Culture Minister Mian Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman, who has been holding various portfolios of Finance, Excise and Taxation etc in the PML(N)’ Punjab Government and is the son of Mian Shujaur Rahman who was a former Mayor of Lahore and a popular figure during 1980s or so, was also present reflecting warm brotherly relations between Pakistan and Turkey and trying to further promote these relations by appreciating calligraphic art work of Turkish artist Ferhat Kurlu.
Turkish calligrapher Ferhat Kurlu in a brief chat on the occasion said that he has so far displayed his calligraphic art work in many countries and this was the first time that he had come to Pakistan and was displaying his art work in Lahore.
Alhamra Art Centre, was also venue of the Annual Islamic Calligraphy exhibition titled ‘Khat Art’. On display were some 200-art pieces of 100 calligraphers. Some of the calligraphic artists were present at the inauguration ceremony and well-known artist Mian Ejazul Hassan was also around to appreciate the calligraphic paintings mostly done by young artists.
An interesting group show of selected paintings of over a dozen vibrant artists was held at the Coopera Art Gallery, one of the oldest art galleries in the provincial metropolis located in a basement along with a book shop in Regal Chowk on the Mall,
The group show was organized by six internees Adeela Khan, Mahnoor Khalid, Maham Qamar, Sara Javed, Warda Aziz and Zille Huma who are students of the Fine Arts Department of Lahore College for Women University and undergoing training at the Coopera Art Gallery under supervision of a renowned artist and director of the gallery Muhammad Javed. He inaugurated the exhibition appreciating the work of the artists displayed and efforts made by the internees in organizing the group show.
Artists whose selected work was put on display in the exhibition, which got underway on May 26 coinciding with the presentation of the federal budget for financial year 2017-18 in the National Assembly and ahead of induction of the holy month of fasting and continued till June 10, included Dr Shahida Manzoor, Muhammad Javed, Naila Aamir, Ustad Irfan Ahmad, Nazir Ahmad, Khalid Latif, Ghulam Abbas Kamangar, Mehboob Ali, Mahmood Alam, Rana Ejaz Ahmad, Saba Rasheed, M.Shafiq, Abid Hussain Qureshi, Dilawar Ali, Iqbal Ahmed Khokhar, AQ Arif, Sarfaraz Munawwar, Khadija Ramzan, A Majeed Khashkhaily, Sadaqat H. Siddiqui, Mudassar Kazmi, Ibne Nadir Al-Qalam, Saima Munawwar, Anwar Ali, Shehjehan Ahmad and Nabeela Khan.
This is not all. Lot more was happening on the cultural front and some of these events and activities are being covered here with more to follow later.
Masterpieces of number of Pakistani and foreign artists were displayed together in a rare and unique event in the world of art at the Unicorn Art Gallery in Gulberg. The exhibition started in the last week of May and was scheduled to continue through June 2017.
The mega show was not only a pleasant feast for the eyes of the artists, art students as well as the art lovers but also a rich tribute to the great artists of Pakistan like Ustad Allah Bakhsh, Gulgee, Iqbal Hussain and many others as well as the world renowned Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake and the Indian art legend MF Hussain. All of these artists have become household name in the world of art as well as in the art institutions. These giants of brush and palette have become immortal owing to their spell binding paintings which take their viewers into a different world, a world of beauty, peace and serenity away from their routine day to day problems, worries and botherations.
All the paintings displayed on the walls of the Unicorn Art Gallery, were having a mesmerizing effect on the art lovers, visiting the gallery almost daily in good numbers even during holy month of fasting, not withstanding hot and humid weather.
And, world-renowned Pakistani artist, social crusader, Jimmy Engineer, who takes genuine pride in calling himself as the servant of Pakistan, has proceeded on yet another long goodwill tour which started from Dubai and will take him to Germany, Holland, USA and other countries during three and half months.
Ahmad Zoay was a well-known artist, who expired in 2014 at the age of 67, and large number of artists as well as art lovers still remembers him and his artwork.
Few days ago, I had the opportunity of meeting his daughter Faryal Azhar Zoay who is, quite interestingly, also an artist and is currently based in Islamabad along with her hubby, a consultant with the World Bank, and two children,
More about my good old friend Jimmy Engineer and his ongoing long goodwill tour and Faryal Azhar Zoay in somewhat details later on, please.

Source: Pakistan Observer