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Pakistan set to welcome mentors of Fortune 500 companies

fortune 500 mentors coming to pakistan in february

With Pakistani entrepreneurs beginning to make their mark on the global stage, the country’s reputation as an increasingly important international destination for business was cemented further when it was revealed that more than a dozen American business heavyweights, many of them are Fortune 500 mentors, will be coming to Pakistan next month. They will be visiting the country to attend the Momentum Tech Conference being held in Karachi on February 19 and 20.

The delegates of the conference include stalwarts like Kevin France, who is mentor to 150-plus Fortune 500 companies and several billionaires, hyper-growth expert Jason Gilbert, Tcat Houser, who is the author of more than 50 books, Elizabeth Witt, a world-renowned VIP client attraction and retention expert, Steve Gu, co-founder the file-sharing application Zapya, and Patriza Marin who is founder and chair of the Marco Polo Group, a leading strategic business development company with a global footprint.

mentors of Fortune 500 companies in Pakistan

These start-up and business gurus will be imparting some of their knowledge about succeeding in the modern global business environment to Pakistani start-ups and entrepreneurs. Their insights into how to best integrate with international markets such as the US, Canada and Europe could prove invaluable for young Pakistani innovators.

Momentum Pakistan’s founder Amir Jafri, while announcing the visit of the mentors, expressed his delight at their impending trip.

“All-time great success creators and mentors to successful companies are coming to Pakistan for the first time ever to share not only their success stories but also guide us to be a model of success,” he said. “… this mentors-to-enterprises connectivity will grow the bonds of cooperation between the people of Pakistan and the world.”

As reported by The Express Tribune, the Momentum Tech Conference aims to connect Pakistani start-ups and young entrepreneurs to mentors and investors. Registration for the conference is free of cost and will also feature representatives of global tech behemoths like Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft who will share their knowledge, experiences and insights with the participants.

jason gilbert fortune 500 mentor in Pakistan

In a recent interview given from his home in the US, Gilbert talked about his plans of visiting Pakistan and the kind of information he intended to share with the country’s entrepreneurs, and the dos and don’ts they should follow when first setting up their businesses.

Houser, meanwhile, will be launching his new book at the Momentum Tech Conference, according to Daily Times. He has co-authored the book with Muhammad Siddique, the founder of Global Social Entrepreneurship, an organisation supporting early-stage social entrepreneurs.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Aizaz Chaudhry has welcomed the prospect of people-to-people contact between the US and Pakistan at the Momentum Tech Conference.