Pakistan’s martial artist, Daniyal Mehsood breaks India’s world record

A Pakistani martial artist – Daniyal Mehsood – from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s South Waziristan district has managed to snatch another Guinness World Record from India by doing 43 no-handed kips-ups in one minute.

Previously, the record of 37 no-handed kips-ups in one minute was held by India’s Aman Chatterjee. The Pakistani martial artist who took 13 titles of World Guinness Records from Indian athletes, etched his name in Guinness World Record for the second time.

The grade sixth student had last year in July broken a world record by doing 78 helicopter spins in one minute.

Daniyal is a member of a martial arts club in Pakistan called Irfan Mehsud Club, and he hopes to become an international martial art professional with multiple Guinness World Record titles to his name.

As per media reports, with the recent addition, Irfan Mehsud Club – of which Daniyal is also a part of – has grabbed a total of 51 Guinness World Records.

Earlier, an 8-year-old gymnast from northwest Pakistan, Jasim Mehsud, broke the Guinness World Record of the 22 Kip-ups in 30 seconds as he did 27 in the time limit. He smashed the record, which was first held by a Swedish athlete.

Source: Mashable Pakistan