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Rising star Rabia makes Pakistan proud in weightlifting

Pakistan’s rising star in the sport of weightlifting, Rabia Shehzad, grabbed another honor for the country after winning a gold medal at the Hampshire Weightlifting Championship.

As no category was placed in the event, Rabia took first position on the basis of points system. Just a day earlier, Rabia took home a silver medal at the Welsh Open Weightlifting Championship. At Clean and Jerk, Rabia won the silver medal by lifting 45kg in the first attempt 50kg in the second attempt (unsuccessful) and 50kg in the third attempt.

After receiving the silver medal, Rabia said that she had a severe fever for a week and a half and that was why the competition was very difficult for her.

Last year, Rabia bagged gold medal at the Ralph Cashman Open Weightlifting Championship in New South Wales, Australia.

Source – Business Recorder