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Seven Reasons to Join The FYP Accelerator

For Computer Science students, the Final Year Project (FYP) plays a crucial role in not only acquiring the degree, but also kick starting a fulfilling career.

The FYP Accelerator is a platform by 10Pearls Labs aimed to help CS students take their FYP to the next level. 10Pearls Labs is the innovation and R&D arm of 10Pearls, where work is done on transformative technologies and bringing unique ideas to life.

If you are a CS student working on your FYP, here are top 7 reasons you should join The FYP Accelerator:

Access state-of-the-art facilities

As a student, you’ll have the unique chance to work in state-of-the-art facilities, which include AR/VR equipment, expansive space, top grade computer systems, and licensed software. The 10Pearls Labs provide a fully-conducive ecosystem to create and develop innovative solutions.

Work on emerging technologies

This is an excellent chance to work on emerging and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Blockchain etc. Working on these technologies will give students valuable experience and immense hands-on knowledge.

Get industry approval

A dilemma fresh graduates often face is their lack of experience when searching for a good first job. Most employers expect some sort of experience or industry knowledge even when they hire fresh talent. FYP Accelerator will provide students the much-needed industry approval, by acclimatizing them to a professional environment, and valuable experience of how industry projects are developed.

Learn from leading tech professionals

10Pearls hires top-most talented and skilled people in the industry. Students selected for the FYP Accelerator will benefit from working directly with these people. They’ll be mentored and trained, and will get the chance to learn from experienced people.  

Add Value to your CV

Adding a globally-recognized name such as 10Pearls will add immense value to the CV. Employers seek people who have worked with reputable names, and are accustomed to a professional environment. Students associated with The FYP Accelerator will gain an edge when looking for a job.   

Intern at 10Pearls

During the course of the program, if a student shows a positive attitude, dedication, skill and passion for technology, there are very high chances that she/he will be offered an internship at 10Pearls. Internships at 10Pearls are a great stepping stone to progress towards a rewarding and full-of-learning career.   

Avail entrepreneurship opportunities

If a team has an idea which has market value and their execution is organized and well thought-out, there are chances of an entrepreneurship partnership as well. The FYP Accelerator can serve as an incubator for the idea, guiding the team, and providing the ecosystem. If you have the right idea and the right approach, you can transform it into a sound business reality via The FYP Accelerator!

The last date to send in your applications for The FYP Accelerator is October 7, 2020. The competition is very tough, with only the most passionate teams making the cut! So, gear up, register here, and try out your luck!