Women in Limelight
Young Aerospace Engineer Beats the Odds
KARACHI: Aruba Faridi, 23, a young ambitious woman from Karachi is the youngest female aerospace engineer in Pakistan – a title she earned by beating the barriers presented by both class and gender. Aruba hails from Gulshan-e-Hadid and is the third among five siblings. With both her father and brother affiliated with the field of engineering Aruba was naturally inclined towards the field. “Only tools and electronic devices amused me…
Pakistani Engineer Acknowledged For His Contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission
US Embassy Islamabad has acknowledged the contributions of a Pakistani award-winning open-source engineer, Ahmad Awais, on Monday for his contribution in terms of code generation to the software for the helicopter Mars 2020 mission, also known as NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter. “Pakistani developers are truly making their mark in the world. #DidYouKnow Ahmad Awais (@MrAhmadAwais), a Pakistani award-winning open-source engineer, contributed code to the software for the Mars 2020 helicopter mission,…